Monday, 25 July 2016

Casavilla Estate Magboro With C/O Selling For N2m Per Plot Till July 31st...


CASAVILLA ESTATE is a 50-Acre Residential Estate: Located along gas pipeline road Magboro before Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries Magboro town, Ogun state. It is a fifteen minutes straight drive from the central business district Alausa ikeja, and five-minute drive from Akute town via the proposed AKUTE – MAGBORO road. Its location is central to the connecting roads that links Lagos Ibadan express way, and Papalanto expressway.

 The estate was conceived with comfort, class and ambience in mind with connecting walkways and road. CASAVILLA ESTATE, will provide play park, green areas, walk ways and related infrastructure that residents need to live a quality life. With an approved survey and estate lay out plan, CASAVILLA ESTATE promises to provide a fantastic living opportunity.

Transformers, Street Lights, Recreation Centres, Good Road Network, Perimeter Fencing, Drainage System.

Outright price: N2m
6months plan: First Deposit of N400,000 and N280,000 monthly at N2,080,000
12months plan: First Deposit of N400,000 and N147,000 monthly at N2,160,000
18months plan: First deposit of N400,000 and N103,000 monthly at N2,240,000
24months plan: First deposit of N400,000 and N80,000 monthly at N2,320,000.

 TITLE: Registered Survey and Layout Plan, Global C of O.

PLOT SIZES: 500sqm

For more information and site inspection contact Ifeanyi on 08088995417, 08066348443.

Offer ends 31st July, 2016

Be a Landowner at Spring Field Estate Ibeju-Lekki with Official Gazette

The estate is about 5minutes after Eleko junction immediately after Pan Atlantic University. Roughly facing the Express. Springfield Estate in Ibeju Agbe town is located in a community that is already thriving in good business environment, good road network, electricity, serene neighbourhood, institutions both government and private.

With all the mega projects that’s been earmarked to start up along this corridor, and while some are now ongoing, owning a plot of land or more in this estate is a very good business/personal decision to secure your future home or investment along this axis.

1. New International Airport
2. Deep Sea Port
3. Free Trade Zone
4. Dangote Petrochemical industry/Refinery
5. Pan African University permanent site.
6. The 4th Mainland Bridge
7. Industrial park
8. Several gated estates/ foreign companies etc.

The Estate land is free from omonile issues, free from Government Acquisition, has been Gazetted, has a Registered Survey and Layout plan, and the environment also has good access road.

The Estate will Provide enjoyable Facilities i.e. Perimeter Fencing, Commercial Unit, Police and fire Station post, Good Road Networks, Entrance Gate with Security Post, Street lights and Drainage, Place of Worship, Gardens and parks, Resort Centers etc. 

Each Plot is as 648 square meters in size.

Outright Price: N1.5m

Installment Price is N1.8m with initial deposit of N300,000 and subsequent payment of N150,000 monthly for 10months.

For site Inspection and other inquiries please call Ifeanyi on 08088995417, 08066348443

Buy 2Plots and Get 1Free at Havilla County Ibeju-Lekki

 Havilla County is simply amazing due to its price when considered with its unbeatable location. It’s located along the proposed express road at Eleranigbe that will link Ikorodu through the 4th Mainland bridge, it is a great deal that should not elude any wise investor. You will undoubtedly love this estate land just seeing the topography and location. It is a sandy dry land with several other estates sprawled around. Due to its remarkable qualities, this estate is fast selling and will undoubtedly go out of sale soonest.

Within this Estate, there are areas allocated for the provision of infrastructural facilities such as roads, walkways, green and recreational area etc. There will be adequate land provided for the construction of a school, bank e-center, shopping center, fast food center and recreational area. The plots are well arranged and strategically located.

TITLE: Registered Survey Plan

SIZE: 648sqm

Outright Price: N1.5m
Installment: N1.8m. With Initial deposit of N300,000 and N125,000 monthly payment for 12months.


For more information and site inspections, call Ifeanyi on 08088995417, 08066348443

KM 42, Alfa Bus stop, Sango-Tedo, Lekki-Epe expressway, Lagos

Tuesday, 19 July 2016




 Don't Fall Victim of These 3 Investing Excuses

The list of excuses when it comes to not investing are endless, especially for busy young professionals immersed in their careers. Everything from it is too complicated and too risky to I don't have the time and money etc. However, the irony of each excuse is that the biggest risk actually lies in not saving and investing at all, especially early on in life.
Investing is seen by many as an arduous task,one that is complicated, risky and best left to other people.
It is often easier to avoid investing altogether, than confront it head on.A natural human reaction is to create excuses that rationalize why one has chosen to avoid an activity.
As a young adult you have the upper hand when it comes to investing because time is on your side, but only when you take advantage of it. As it turns out, there are several common excuses that everyone makes, but they fall into three broad categories.
Excuse #1: I don't have enough money to invest.
Money is important in investing in Real Estate. However, you do not have to have a sizeable deposit sitting in your account, or a big bank balance before you begin to climb the property ladder. In reality, property investors are often regular, everyday Nigerians that have cultivated the discipline of saving and investing.
Here's our motto: "Pay yourself first." That means on payday, you set aside some of the income first towards your investing goals. (Even better if you automate those savings.) If you pay all your other bills and wait to invest with whatever money is left over, you'll pay yourself last or not at all. Investing even 1% of your income is better than nothing.
Excuse #2 - "It is too far"
The most popularly used sentence in real estate investing especially by the middle class is; It is too Far.
Research have shown that 65% of investors have missed great investment opportunities just by allowing this same myth consume them. Distance is only a test of how far you can travel in your mind. 15 years ago if you were told to invest in Lekki or VGC you probably wont.
Today you will be delighted to own a land or a house in Lekki, VGC, Ikeja etc.
The question really is not how far a property is from you, No, rather it is how far the property is from development, from infrastructure, from the government interest, from investors and from accessibility.
Today you can decide to give yourself a second chance by investing in the new Lekki.
You have missed the Ikeja's, the Lekki's, the VGC's, the Ikoyi's etc. Don't miss the Ibeju lekki, the Agbara's, the Mowe's, the Ikorodu's etc Start with what you have and invest today
Excuse #3 - "It is too Risky"
There's no sugarcoating the fact that investing comes with some measure of risk. But simply because something is risky does not mean we shouldn't attempt it all together, especially when the risk of not investing can be far riskier over the long-term.
Excuses ranges from
I don't want to lose my hard-earned money."
I'm afraid of Omonile and something going wrong."
Everyone knows that the economy is about to crash
While investing in real estate can be risky, it can be managed in a way that keeps it from being too risky. Young investors with a low risk tolerance can select more conservative portfolios, invest within an estate, invest with a credible company and invest in properties with titles. Investors with a higher tolerance for risk can enter more aggressive positions with higher reward investment portfolio.
One way of overcoming the fear of risk is to Educate yourself and be honest with yourself about how much involvement you want personally. You can self-direct all your investments, but you can also seek advice where you need to. Talk to a Real Estate Consultant today to make your real estate investment easy and hassle free. 

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Top 21 Fact About Dangote Petrochemical Refinery (The reason why you need to position your Real Estate Investment around this corridor)

 In the year 2013, the wealthiest black man on the planet, a Nigerian teeming with foresight, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, announced plans to build a refinery.
Recently the Central Bank of Nigeria’s governor was taken on a tour of the project by Dangote. Several media houses were in attendance.
Here is some of what we learned:
  1. Over $4 billion worth of equipment currently sits on the site.
  2. The project is slated to cost $14 billion (N2.8 trillion) of which Dangote is contributing $7 billion in equity.
  3. The project site is larger than Victoria Island. It is located on 2135 hectares of land in Epe, Lagos near the Lekki Free Zone
  4. It is the largest industrial complex in Africa
  5. Work goes on, on the site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  6. World Record 2.72 million accident free hours recorded on site, without a single lost time to injuries
  7. It is the largest single train grass roots refinery in the world with a processing capacity of  650,000BPSD

 8  Dangote Group brought in the world’s #1, #2, and #5 sand dredgers to sand fill the site. 60% of the land being swampy. So far these dredgers have reclaimed 13 million m³ out of 30 million m³.

9  During construction, the project will employ over 25,000 Nigerians.
10  Dangote is investing over $7 billion (N1.4 trillion) in the project.
11  It is the largest single train refinery project on the planet.
12  When this project comes online, Nigeria will save a minimum of $10 billion a year on imports.
13  The Ammonia component of the plant will produce 2.8 million tonnes of Urea.
14  Dangote is producing its own electricity to power the plant and by so doing is saving 75% costs. Dangote produces electricity at a rate that is significantly cheaper than the Federal Government. Dangote’s cost is $400,000/MW, while Federal Government is $2,000,000/MW.

15  All the civil engineering is done by Nigerian companies
16  The plant has an export value of $6 billion per annum, meaning Dangote’s efforts will increase the amount of foreign exchange in Nigeria’s foreign reserves by at least 40% of current value on a yearly basis
17  Dangote said when this project comes on line, his friend Femi Otedola will save at least N26 per litre on millions of litres of diesel and petrol which his companies import annually. This savings will be passed on to the consumers and it will take a lot of pressure off the banks
18  Billions of Naira were paid to acquire the land and to settle the existing communities. More money was also allocated and spent to relocate the existing communities
19  This project will restore the dignity of Nigeria, a crude producing country that has for years gone abroad to meet its demand for refined products.

20  Refined products to be produced at the plant include but is not limited to propane, petrol, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene, Carbon Black, Polypropylene, Polyethylene.
21  The United States Trade and Development Agency is supporting this project with $997 million.