Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Serviced Plots in an Estate With Full Infrastructure And Residents

Are you tired of inspecting bare lands without infrastructure in a remote village? Then you got it at Gosgra Estate Phase 2 Orinmerunmu. It's a fully fenced 15 acres of land behind Nasfat, strategically located along Lagos-Ibadan Express way Ibafo, about 12 minutes drive from Berger bus stop. An estate with all the infrastructure you've asked for, ranging from electricity, good road network, water, 24hours security, buildings, schools, lively neighbourhood, transformer, are all on ground!

Gosgra estate phase 2 is a model for a serene gated and serviced residential community. The estate provides the appropriate blending for all aspects of interactive human activities which includes residential, commercial, educational, institutional, and recreational, inclusive of services. No wonder GOSGRA Estate Phase 2 is referred to as "a place to call your own".

Title Documents: Registered Survey Plan, Approved Layout Plan, Deed of Assignment and a Global C/O. 



Payment Options:
Outright payment is N5m - 40% discount = N3m
6 Months Payment Plan N5,500,000
20% down payment with the balance spread over 5 months.
Instant allocation for construction after complete payment.

Stop procrastinating the decision to buy now. Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.

For more information and site inspections, call Ifeanyi on 08088995417, 08066348443.
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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An estate with full infrastruture now selling at Simawa from N1.3m per plot.

Lashone Estate Simawa was created to bring to reality your housing dreams and desires. Located just behind the RCCG redemption camp off the Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Simawa has really attracted development ranging from movement of the Redemption Camp to a new site, new road construction added with electrification project and mass housing units’ development of which Lashone is a front runner. 

Lashone Estate Simawa offers instant allocation after full  payment and their quick delivery in housing projects has not only made Lashone a solution provider in the housing sector but has also set them as the pioneer of affordable housing scheme in Nigeria.

We have successfully completed different phases of infrastructural development (Electrification, Interlock Tiles, Water Supply, Paved Road and basic amenities for your comfort. 

Our conformed estate pattern was created to set a mark in generating a rich neighborhood that compliments nature and beauty with professionally built houses (Terrace Apartment, 2 & 3 bedroom Bungalows, Duplexes) for sale at affordable prices.



LASHONE ESTATE SIMAWA PHASE 1. Behind Redemption camp.
*N2.2m for 6 months. Initial deposit of N500,000 (N340,000 for 5months).
*N2.5m for 12months. Initial deposit of N300,000 (N200,000 for 11months)

*N2.7m for 6months. Initial deposit of N700,000 (N400,000 for 5months).
* N2.8m for 12months. Initial deposit of N600,000 (N200,000 for 11months).



LASHONE ESTATE SIMAWA PHASE 2. Behind Redemption camp.
* N1.2m for 6 months. Initial deposit of  N300,000 (N180,000 for 5months).
* N1.8m for 12months. Monthly deposit of N150,000 for 12months.



For more information and site visitations on any of these listed properties, kindly contact Ifeanyi on; mobile: 08088995417, 08066348443. 
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Monday, 26 October 2015

Smart ways to invest in real estate

By Yinka Kolawole, with agency report.

Real estate investment is considered to be one of the safest, due to the appreciating values of property around the world. Interestingly, when compared to other forms of investments, the real estate depreciation rate is very low. This is ideal for prospective investors to generate profit through rents or leases of varying lengths. As an attractive investment opportunity, not everyone can invest in real estate. However, if you want to venture into property, there are simple ways to approach your investment.

Starting small
If you do not have large purchasing power, you can start with buying property in the suburbs and work your way up to purchasing in the city. Buy land for low rates in suburbs and wait until the demand rises and the price appreciates before you sell. This involves a lot of patience. Also you can buy a property and put it up for rent or lease, thus obtaining a fixed monthly income. Ask a professional, who has a keen eye for satellite towns and areas with development potential, for help. This expertise will go a long way in ensuring the amount of profit you can make from re-selling land to new owners.

Join a cooperative
Cooperatives are a good way of getting affordable land, as members contribute small amounts to buy large portions of land in semi-developed locations. You can resell your plot of land once it has been allocated or gradually develop it, before it is put on the market for sale or lease. Buying as a collective is also a good idea as the purchased plots can be developed at a similar pace.

Build a small house
Sometimes, it is more viable to sell a property than just a piece of land, as the margins are higher. If you have a plot of land, erect a structure on it before putting it on the market. It could be just the foundation of a house, but this increases your bargaining power and property value when transferring ownership.

Cooperate with a trusted property developer
Property developers have an eye for developing properties. Usually, the developer holds the property for an agreed period of time to recoup his investment before ownership reverts to the owner of the property. If you have a landed property, it can be put on the market to earn some extra cash.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Service plots of land available for sale at Lashone Estate Ibeju-Lekki

In the mind of a true developer, location is key and an area that has successfully attracted over 2 million people including the state & federal government, multinational companies, factories and industries  could only be seen as city of fortune, which brings development, great investment and a good life. Lashone Estate Ibeju Lekki is a definition of an affordable housing scheme resident in the city of fortune, located in an area that fully enjoys accessible roads, maximum security, well planned neighborhood, adequate water supply and electrification.

With a growing population of 20million and the rapid growth to becoming a megacity, Lagos state has become the home to investors both local and foreign. And Lekki has become the panacea for the turning of Lagos into a megacity. Lashone Estate Ibeju-Lekki is located at Ibeju-Lekki, about 5 minutes drive after eleko junction and shares a fence with Amen Estate.

Lashone Estate Ibeju Lekki is a housing initiative that is set up to meet housing demands across the country. This successful project has brought satisfaction to every subscriber who has bought into it by offering instant allocation and a self mortgage plan which gives you that dream home you deserve.
 The estate is a 10 minutes’ drive from the prestigious Lekki Free Trade Zone and Estates and other Landmarks within the neigbourhood include Federal Government Teacher’s Estate, Lagos State Golf Course, Cargo Port Construction, Seaport Construction, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Island International Airport.

 Estate Facilities
v  Street Lights
v  Shopping Center
v  Clinic
v  Schools
v  Integrated Security System
v  Landscaping
v  Central Sewage Treatment Plant
v  Central Water

Recreational Center
v  Swimming Pool
v  Club House
v  Sports Center



Outright payment
Supple (6months)
Economy (12month)

Outright payment
Supple (6months)
Economy (12month)

Outright payment
Supple (6months)
Economy (12month)






An acre N20m
(N700,000 X 5month)
(N350,000 X 11month)

An acre N25m
(N700,000 X 5month)
(N400,000 X 11month)

(N500,000 X 11month)

For more information and site visitations on any of these listed properties, kindly contact Ifeanyi on; mobile: 08088995417, 08066348443. 
BBM: 59339598

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oakwood Garden Phase 2 by Lekki Free Trade Zone selling for N4.5m (with C of O)

Oakwood garden estate phase 2 is indeed a true definition of luxury by the sea side. It’s located on the same lane with the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ), Dangote Petrochemical Refinery, Power Oil Industries, and it’s also overlooking the major Coastal Road, the Deep Sea Port, Industries, and numerous estate to mention but a few.

The estate has a perfect title; a Certificate of Occupancy, and it’s available for viewing and proper verification at Alausa, Ikeja.

Ibeju Lekki axis is experiencing a very rapid rate of development with an annual economic growth rate of about 25%. Real estate Investors around this corridor reap nothing less than 200% per annual as the rate of return on investment has always been on the increase. The LFTZ is a model project for inter-governmental cooperation between China and Nigeria attracting preferential policies and incentives for the investors in the zone. The area is planned to thrive in production, manufacturing, oil & gas, import & export trade, transshipment, tourism and real estate.  Lekki free trade zone region is the new investment, business and tourism haven of Lagos state, particularly in line with the mega-city status of Lagos.  COME NOW & INVEST INTO AFRICAN DUBAI

PRICE: Oakwood park estate is now offering for sale plots of land for N4.5m only. Installment plan is selling for N5m, with an initial deposit of N3m, and the balance spread over a period of 12 months at N250,000 monthly.

The estate will serve as a major landmark to be reckoned with along this axis, serving both commercial and residential purpose. This housing scheme will also provide a unique, luxurious, serene, secured, and state of the art environment that will enhance healthy and safe living.

Plot size: 675sqm

Land type: Dry, sandy soil that doesn’t need sand filling.



Amazing Real Estate Opportunity at Havilla Garden Estate Ibeju-Lekki



Havilla Garden is a well planned estate situated at Elerengbe axis, off lekki –Epe Express way, Ibeju-lekki Lagos State. The land is currently undergoing excision process in Lagos state land bureau.

Within this Estate, there are areas allocated for the provision of infrastructural facilities such as roads, walkways, green and recreational area etc. There will be adequate land provided for the construction of a school, bank e-center, shopping center, fast food center and recreational area. The plots are well arranged and strategically located.

The primary goal of the scheme is to provide a unique, quiet, safe, serene, secured and clean residential environment that will enhance healthy and safe living devoid of the hustle and bustle of inner Lagos.

The basic objective of the residential scheme is to provide a top class residential environment for an exclusive group of people, complete with infrastructural facilities and social amenities that would compliment the residential area within a defined and walled estate.

Buy 5 plots and get one plot free! Yes it’s real. The land is very dry and sandy. No omonile issues.

Price: N540,000/plot. or N180,000 for three consecutive months
Installment plan: N600,000. With inittial deposit of N120,000 and the balance spread over a period of 12months at N40,000 monthly.

The location is about fifteen minutes drive away from Eleko junction, and about forty-five (45) minutes drive from Ajah bus stop.

Plot Size: 675sqm

Type of Land – Dry, sandy land

Title: Survey Plan

Offer closes in November.

For more information and site inspections  which takes place everyday except Sundays, call Ifeanyi on 08088995417, 08066348443. PWAN EDGE LTD.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Buy a plot at Gosgra Neighbourhood Estate Ikorodu for only N500,000

Gosgra Neighbourhood estate Ikorodu is another laudable project by Gosgra Properties and Investment Limited. The estate is strategically located within the easy access of Itokin road. It's more than 170acres estate located at Mosafejo bus-stop immediately after Imota, about 10mins drive from Caleb University.

The estate has been fenced round with the drainage facilities almost completed, the security post and the gate house has also been completed. The land is dry and not prone to flooding, it's a very good location for land speculators who are ready to reap huge fortune in the real estate sector as the product is more affordable when compared to other real estate products within the same geographical location.

The facilities to be provided withing the estate includes the perimeter fencing, gate house, security post, road network, drainage system, etc. The estate has been thoroughly surveyed and the document is available anytime at the request of our prospects/clients.

The outright price per plot is N500,000

N190,000 monthly for 3 months = N570,000

Don't wait to buy this land, buy the land now while it's very cheap and affordable, then wait and watch as your investment grow overtime.

For more information and site inspections, contact Ifeanyi at Gosgra Properties and Investment Limited. 1B, Akinwale street, off Thomas Salako street, Ogba, Lagos.
Mobile: 08088995417, 08066348443

Monday, 13 April 2015

Stimulating economic growth through housing finance


The housing sector is seen as an important sector for stimulating economic growth in most developed countries. Indeed, housing construction indices are some of the most common measures used by analysts to gauge economic trends in OECD countries. Today, housing and construction sector still accounts for only 3.1 percent of the GDP of Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy with a GDP of N80.3 trillion ($510 billion) as at 2013.
Despite the sizeThe sealed storey-building of the Nigerian economy, mortgage debt to GDP is only about 0.5 percent. Minister of Finance/Supervising Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, noted at a recent World Bank forum, highlighted the potential contribution of the housing sector to national development in three possible ways.

First, she noted that the sector can serve as an important contributor to economic growth. According to her, the housing sector has a tremendous multiplier effect on the broader economy.

“Housing contributes to GDP through two main channels, namely: private residential investments, such as, construction of new homes, and also via the consumption spending on housing services.
There are also secondary economic impacts of the housing sector. Housing wealth is often a large component of net personal wealth (about half of net personal wealth in the USA). And in developed countries, housing wealth/assets can often be used as collateral to stimulate additional private consumption and investments,” she stated.

Okonjo-Iweala also noted that the housing sector can support job creation and economic inclusion. “The job creation potential for the housing sector is enormous in Africa and other developing countries. In India, each new housing unit generates 1.5 direct and 8 indirect jobs. In South Africa, each housing unit creates 5.62 direct jobs and 2.5 indirect jobs.

But the key point is that the sector can also help promote economic inclusion by creating jobs for our craftsmen and artisans such as masons, plumbers, welders, electricians, painters and so on. It is estimated that for every new house built 3 direct and 8 new indirect jobs are created. Unlocking the housing sector will mean the creation of thousands of jobs for architects, builders, plumbers, welders, electricians, painters,” she declared.

The minister said the housing sector also provides social benefits by contributing to community – and nation – building. “We know that home-ownership often gives citizens a true stake in their communities. After owning a home, many citizens tend naturally to be concerned about the provision of public goods in their communities – from schools, to clinics, to security.

These are intangible social benefits which a strong housing sector can help to generate,” she remarked. Sonnie Ayere, pioneering CEO of the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC), said that the company, which was launched in January 2014, is expected to unlock the value drivers within related business sectors further increasing multiple lines of incomes for business.

He added that lower income households are expected to benefit from NMRC through direct jobs created by the construction of new housing units and services required to build a home and deliver it to the final customer. “We expect to see an estimated 490,000 additional sustainable jobs over the next coming years.

The wages earned by workers and profits earned by businesses during the construction period are spent on other local goods and services. This generates additional income for local people, which is spent on still more local goods and services, and so on,” stated.

When Governor Babatunde Fashola inaugurated the Lagos State Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (Lagos HOMs), he remarked that several jobs were created on construction sites that have benefitted 134 construction companies, 459 sub-contractors employing over 1,168 persons, seven consultancy companies and 5,442 suppliers, artisans, labourers and numerous citizens who are employed in the supply chain of sand, gravel, wood and fittings, as well as food vendors and transports.

Indeed, the impact of housing development goes beyond the valuable social benefits of providing shelter, not least of which is giving homeowners a true stake in their community. Also, at the launching of the first 10,000 Affordable Homes Mortgage Scheme under the Nigerian Housing Finance Programme, Okonjo-Iweala harped on the socioeconomic impact of the scheme.

“It will lead to the increased contribution of housing to GDP from the current negligible 3.1 percent of our rebased GDP to the high tens of emerging and developed economies such a Malaysia and the United States. It will lead to more jobs being created and to greater economic inclusion. It is estimated that for every new house built 3 direct and 8 new indirect jobs are created.

Unlocking the housing sector will mean the creation of thousands of jobs for architects, builders, plumbers, welders, electricians, painters,” she declared. Gregory Ozegbe, Executive Chairman, Housing Alliance Group, estimated that Nigeria’s mortgage market has the potential to contribute more than 50 percent of the country’s GDP.

“To put matters into perspective, assuming that 18 million Nigerians qualify for mortgage loans at an average affordable housing loan of say about $20,000.00, the potential size of the mortgage market would be $360 billion while at the same time adding this amount to Nigeria’s GDP,” he stated.

The impact of housing development goes beyond the valuable social benefits of providing shelter, not least of which is giving homeowners a true stake in their community. In fact, there are substantial indirect benefits that result from consumer spending, as housing industry workers spend more money and new homes are occupied.